Tiger Guo

Basic Info

Co-founder of EIIP Education

from Shanghai, China

TUM – Management & Technology 2021

CDTM Class of Fall 2020

Accenture – Consulting

Deutsche Bank – Investment Banking

IB Diploma 2018 – 43/45

Strength: Business Development, Financial Planning, Project Management

I am a student and a young entrepreneur

Strategising and planning are crucial before starting anything. An optimal strategy means higher efficiency and better results.

After all the planning, the plans must be properly executed. This means monitoring the progress and making small adjustments along the way. 

Always reflect and learn from past experiences, making them a valuable asset for the future. This also means maintaining a growth mindset.

My Story

It is common for children to come up with silly ideas, but it takes a restless soul to put them into practice. As a child, I was always the one who was silly enough to attempt that. In second grade, I authored several books and tried to get them published. When no publisher wanted my masterpiece, I started selling them to my classmates. In seventh grade, I learned programming and was responsible for a virus program that was uploaded to the school server, which ultimately caused me to end up in the principal’s office. In eighth grade, I learned about the wonders of bitcoins, and invested 500 Euros with a friend. What awaited us, unfortunately, was the hacking of the biggest bitcoin trading sites at the time, which caused bitcoins to lose 90% of its values and us to lose almost all our money (only if I kept them till now =p). It seems like life has been trying to teach me a lesson, but I got the wrong message. I have not stopped trying out odd ideas ever since, and somehow, some of them started to work out.  I will display several examples down below.

Blanket Charity

We raised over 8000 RMB of fund through social media and selling small items in street stalls. The fund was used to buy blankets for children from impoverished areas of Yunnan.

StudySmarter Hackathon

After a full day of intensive inputs, we designed and presented our solution to the high dropout rate in German universities. Our APP “Unibud”, which combines sharing economy with peer-based learning, eventually won the approval of the juries!

Fight in the ring

Since I was a child, I loved martial arts. After a summer of Kungfu, a summer of Karate, half a year of Judo, I decided to settle on boxing. From fearing the ring, I went on to fight in a local league.

EIIP Education

EIIP is a project started by three international high school students in 2016. Our aim is to help the Chinese general public gain access to affordable high-quality education. Courses we have developed include the international bridging course, the soft-skill crash course and the growth counselling course. We are also working on several online projects.


Through EIIP, I learned how to set up timelines and allocate tasks to ensure the progress of a project. Through public speaking and talking with students and parents, I became more communicative.


I learned to always focus on the end goal, and developed the capacity to consider alternative views. Personal growth became more important than ever.

Learning Abilities

Working on EIIP, I often need to pick up new skills or absorb vast amount of new information quickly. As I developed a more systemic approach, I became more efficient at the process.

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